The production department of university of Ilorin 89.3 FM: Here, we have the voice booth also known as the performance area and the studio itself.

The voice booth is designed specifically for programmes recording such as News, drama, jingles etc. While the studio is designed for the editing of the programmes.

This department is charged with the responsibilities of sound recording, mixing audio production of instrumentals or vocal musical performances, spoken words etc. Notably, programmes are being recorded edited and mixed down in this department. Also, jingles advertisement, announcements are also produced in this department.


Furthermore, there are different state-of -the- art equipment/gadgets used in this unit all of which serve different purposes.

Some of the equipment include:

             Ø  The main console or audio mixer

              Ø  Recording microphone

              Ø  Voice booth monitors (speaker)

              Ø  S.D recorder

              Ø  The tuner, head phone/ amplifier