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Unilorin FM

UNILORIN 89.3 FM is the official radio station of the ‘better-by-far’ university, University of Ilorin. Transmitting from the main campus of the University in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, Unilorin FM is the foremost Campus radio station to run 24-hours transmission in the country. The radio station began operation in August 2009 when the signals first hit the waves. Officially commissioned on October 22, 2011, during the vice-chancellorship of Prof. Is-haq Olanrewaju Oloyede, the station is equipped with state-of-the-art technology - digital transmitters and modern studios - all combining to make it a wonderful campus radio station that transmits round the clock all days of the week. Our educative, informative and entertaining programmes have far reaching effects and influence on the lives of the over 30,000-strong population of the University students and staff and millions of listeners from the University’s immediate host communities. Operating under the University’s Directorate of Corporate Affairs, UNILORIN 89.3 FM is blessed with dedicated and hardworking workforce that professionally handle that digital equipment with unceasing efforts to achieve our goals of attaining a better by far position in Radio broadcasting. On the whole, the quality of our programmes, coupled with the combined efforts of the radio staff in upholding standard community and academic broadcast, has not just made us outstanding but also made the station to live to the expectation of the listening audience and we are truly scaling the heights. We render mainly social services, while we set low rates for the few commercial programmes and/or adverts we put on air. To be part of the progress train, always remain tuned to UNILORIN 89.3 FM and you will have the best of enjoyment. UNILORIN 89.3 FM… Functional Education, Our Priority.

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